Sharia Law Plans for East Jerusalem

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By Ron Ross, 28th March, 2010

Divide Jerusalem and make a portion of the biblical city the capital of the new state of Palestine. It is amazing that this plan proposed by the USA, EU and the Arab Empire, has been explained most clearly by the Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki.

On Friday March 26, Iran encouraged the Moslem world to take action over Israel plans to continue building projects in Jerusalem.

“Expansion of Israeli settlements, destruction of Islamic and Christian sites and wide-scale construction of new synagogues – show the Zionist plans to accelerate Judaization of east Jerusalem and unfortunately it is approved by American officials,” Mottaki said.

‘This has raised the alarm for all people around the world and doubled the need for Muslim and other countries to act seriously,” Mottaki said on Iranian state radio. He suggested the action plan should be a subject for discussion at the 22-nation Arab League meeting which will take place next week in Libya.

Of course, there is reason for serious action over the various plans being suggested for Jerusalem. The Iranians and the Arab League have plans to take the city and bring it under Moslem or Sharia Law.

Despite the Mottaki sarcasm aimed at the USA he has more support from the Obama White House than does Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Obama administration has come-out-of-the-closet with its very public demands and insults aimed at Israel, while working overtime to impress the Arab League and its members.

For instance, the most recent demand, Israel releases more terrorists from jail, shows no appreciation for Israel having made that gesture several times before. Unfortunately many who were released in the past have returned to their old murderous ways, a reality lost on this current US administration.

It is quite extraordinary the two nations terrorists deride as the Great Satan and the Little Satan, are depleting their authority by the bigger attacking the smaller.  Such a public US rebuke ignores shows no interest in God’s plan for His City. Obama beat Clinton for the Presidential nomination and then went on to win his way all the way to the White House.

He may now find his opposition way out of his league. The Arab Plan, the USA and EU Plan for Jerusalem will ultimately fail.

I get nervous when leaders ignore the Lord. Isaiah 52:9 “Break forth, shout joyfully together,  you waste places of Jerusalem;  For the LORD has comforted His people,  He has redeemed Jerusalem.”

When the Lord draws the line in the sand over this Jerusalem struggle, watch out!.

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