Iran Elected to Commission on Status for Women. What?

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30th April, 2010

“Are you kidding me?” “C’mon, you’re pulling my leg!” “Hang on. I must be on the Comedy Channel!!!!”

These thoughts flashed through my mind as I read the news. A Foxnews report said: “Without fanfare, the United Nations this week elected Iran to its Commission on the Status of Women.” This is not a token, encouragement position. No! It’s a spot on an influential human rights body and the appointment is for the next four years.

Am I dumb? Has the world gone off the deep end? Wake me. I must be dreaming!!!!

Consider the conflict of values.

On Wednesday, the Daily Telegraph reported, Iranian Brigadier Hossein Sajedinia spoke about acting ‘firmly and swiftly’ to deal with any social misbehavior by women ‘who defy our Islamic values.’

Women with suntans are to be arrested in Iran for ‘violating Islamic law.’ Of course, such standards scream, Iran should be dictating human rights for women to the rest of the world. Of course!

Here are just a few extracts from a report made by Valentine M. Moghadan “Iran After 25 Years of Revolution: A Retrospective and a Look Ahead.” (This was presented to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, November, 2004 )

a) “With the defeat of the left and the liberals in 1980 and their elimination from the political landscape in 1981, the Islamists were able to make veiling compulsory and to enforce it harshly. Cosmetics were also banned. Some young women who defied the new regulations and wore lipstick in public were treated to a novel punishment by the enforcers of public morality—removal of lipstick by razor blade.”

b) The Islamic regime all but banned contraception and family planning, lowered the marriage age for girls to 9 years, and excluded women from numerous fields of study, occupations, and professions.

c) Today, in line with the authoritarian nature of the state, the legal framework remains very unfavorable to women and minorities, such as Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians. Women’s legal status is especially problematic in those articles of the Civil Code that pertain to women and the family; in the Labor Law, which prohibits women from being employed as judges; and in the Qanoon-e Qessas penal code, which places the value of women at half of that of a man.

d) The Iranian Civil Code provides that marriage contracted before puberty is invalid unless authorized by a natural guardian with the ward’s best interests in mind. When authorized before puberty, minimum age is nine. Accordingly, sex with a girl-child is legal. A reform to the family law during the presidency of Mr. Khatami raised the minimum age from nine to thirteen, although under-age girls could still be given in marriage with parental permission. This is in clear violation of international conventions.

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I have not highlighted the obvious screamers. Removing a womans lipstick with a razor blade, was one. Sex with ‘a girl-child’ was another and remember, ladies with suntans are in big trouble.

Please read through this report and ponder the stupidity of the UN decision. (Of course, if you choose to undertake further study, you’ll find many more shocking examples)

Now, I’m told the Palestinian Authority is lobbying the UN Security Council to proclaim the state of Palestine, without any reference or consultation with Israel. For God’s sake, when do we get serious about praying, preaching the Gospel and defending the name of Jesus Christ?

He wiped the world with a flood once. His next solution was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit which was to reach the world through His bride, the Church. We don’t need revival. We need ignition, lift off.

To top it all, I hear Mahmod Ahmadinejad has applied for a US visa to attend the nuclear proliferation talks next week. Can you believe it?

OK, I give up!!

Come, Lord Jesus!

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