Students Against ‘the Year of our Lord.”

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University students really enjoy ‘pushing the envelope.’ A group who attend Trinity University, San Antonio, are lobbying trustees to drop ‘Our Lord’ from their diplomas.

I visited the Trinity University website ( and found the ‘Diploma Language’ debate was a major item which stimulated a more in-depth and even more inclusive discussion.

Their story says, “In the fall of 2009, students from the diversity group asked administrators to remove the phrase “in the year of our Lord” from Trinity diplomas. The proposal has met with favor from the Association of Student Representatives and the University’s commencement committee.”

“A university is exactly the place for students to learn about others, stand up for their own viewpoints, and critically develop nuance and complexity in formulating and expressing opinions – all while respecting the rights of others to do so,” says David Tuttle, interim vice president for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

Christian Origins

The Trinity University has its roots in a Christian foundation.

“Founded in 1869, Trinity’s name reflects its Christian origins and the three regional Cumberland Presbyterian governing bodies that supported its institutional organization. In 1969, at the initiation of the Presbyterian Church, Trinity entered into a covenant agreement with the regional synod that affirmed historical connections, but transformed Trinity into a private, independent University with a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees,” the website says.

You may also be interested in these remarks.

The students request to remove the “our Lord” phrasing on diplomas was considered an on-campus issue until the news media turned the spotlight on the topic. The story was reported via radio, television, Internet, and newspaper outlets across Texas and reached national media, including Inside Higher Ed, USA Today online, Fox News, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and the Rush Limbaugh radio show. Campus offices have been deluged by people voicing views on the proposal.

Comments are being collected and will be presented to the Trinity University Board of Trustees, who will consider the issue at the next regularly scheduled meeting in May. To join the conversation, send thoughts to or

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