We Can’t Stop Iran! Let’s Slam Israel!!!!

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Prime Minister Netanyahu

9th April, 2010

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has opted out of the Obama nuclear summit to be held next week. The Israeli leader cancelled his trip to Washington when word leaked,Egypt and Turkey will press to condemn Israel over its supposed nuclear arsenal.

While Israel insists their problem is not with the US administration, their decision suggests they have little or no confidence in President Obama protecting their interests.

This excerpt from Ynetnews.com: “In the last 24 hours we received reports about the intention of various states that will be present at the Washington conference to go beyond the issue of preventing nuclear terror,” a senior source in Jerusalem said. “These states intend to exploit the occasion in order to slam Israel. The prime minister expressed his displeasure over these intentions, and he will therefore not be traveling to the summit.”

Earlier this week Netanyahu expressed frustration over plans for sanctions on Iran. At a Jerusalem press conference he said,  “I doubt that such a programme will have teeth and the real ability to stop” Iran’s nuclear drive, referring to the US-led efforts to slap new UN sanctions on Iran over its nuclear defiance.

Netanyahu stressed that the only “real effective sanctions would hit Iran’s energy market, either the imports of refined fuel or the production of petroleum.”

Israel shares the US conviction that Iran, its arch-foe, is seeking to obtain nuclear weapons, a claim Tehran denies.

The sole, if undeclared, nuclear-armed power in the Middle East, the Jewish state has repeatedly said it would not rule out a military option in dealing with Iran but the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad remains defiant. ‘We can do without those countries which exercise pressure on us,” he told a German television network

Iranian Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi spoke about pressure from the USA and Israel. “If the Zionists dare to target Iran, there will remain no trace of them. They know that they are no match for Iran in any military confrontation,” Vahidi asserted.

Right now the only promises that seem to have any real content are coming out of Iran. That’s not encouraging!!!!!

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