Do Not Pray at Mealtime! Heil Hitler!!!!

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11th May, 2010

Port Wentworth, Georgia USA, has a population of about 3,000. The Mayor goes by the name “Pig” Jones. But Port Wentworth is of interest for a very serious reason. It has attracted attention because the head honchos at a place called the Ed Young Senior Citizens Centre instructed the elderly residents to quit praying before meals.

You guessed it. The ancient tradition of praying is offensive to someone and therefore must be stopped. Heil Hitler!

These bureaucratic nutcases were concerned when the company that provides food for the seniors –with federal funding – declared the prayer before meals violates the separation of church and state.
Residents were instructed they could instead have a moment of silence before partaking. (I hope federal funding does not cover funerals – the folk will have to be put out with the garbage!)

Enter good ol’ Pig Jones!

He has a meeting scheduled to see what can be done. “What I’m hoping for is that our people get with their people and they say, ‘Go back and tell your people they can pray,’” Jones told “We’ll see where we stand.”

This problem surfaced in Port Wentworth but it is symptomatic of a greater challenge. Aaron Zelman is a Jew and the Executive Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). In a letter addressed to his ‘Christian Friends” he wrote: “You might imagine Christianity can’t be threatened in the United States because it’s America’s majority faith. But there’s no assurance Christians will remain in the majority. And ironically, part of the reason Christianity is so threatened now is that it is the majority faith. It’s hard to imagine an employer walking up to a Jew and demanding, “Remove that star of David pendant,” or approaching a Muslim and ordering him to take off a tie-tack in the shape of a crescent. The employer would be terrified of being accused of bigotry. But that same employer feels safe demanding removal of Christian symbols because Christianity, as the majority religion, is seen as the “oppressor” of other religions and cultures. (This phenomenon is similar to the way in which white males can be criticized in the workplace more safely than women or minorities.)”

Franklin Graham, on the steps of the Pentagon, this week warned of the secularization of the USA saying it’s growing ‘more and more and more.’

Do you believe Christianity is under attack in America?

Do you have any idea of how Christians should stand and be strong in the current climate?

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Watch Out America. Here he comes!!!!

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