The Middle East, Jesus and World Peace

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8th April, 2010

The United States Middle East envoy Senator George Mitchell is shuffling between Israel and the Palestinian Authority trying to bring about a face-to-face meeting between the two dedicated antagonists.

Such a project is easier said than done because the friction between these two has gone beyond an argument and has become tradition. The anger and tension is such, a middle-man is needed. In this case America accepted the role because their superpower status can threaten the two parties.

Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and now America have offered to play the intermediary role and all of them now know what a huge task it is. Many have written it off as impossible.

In the light of the Middle East hurdles and indeed other frictions around the world, we can consider world peace and the momentous challenge it brings.

How do you handle these words of Jesus Christ, who is the intermediary for the entire human race? “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” (John 14: 6)

There is no room for compromise here. We can love our neighbour and even live in peace with him, but no one comes to the Father except by Jesus. The buck stops here!

Jesus offers the world peace. He offers every ethnic group ‘the peace of God which passes all understanding’ but it is only accessible through Him.

This is the big stumbling block for millions, now and throughout history. Rather than come to the table to discuss the details, they ‘worship the creature instead of the Creator’ or prefer idolatry with all manner of would-be gods.

My father told me fifty years ago, the worst wars on earth would be religious ones. Today that prophetic insight is so obvious it hardly requires further comment.

The Go-Between

The Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words says: “The Greek word mesitēs is comprised of the words mesos, meaning “middle,” and eimi, meaning “to go.” Thus, mesitēs literally means “a go-between” and connotes a “mediator” between two parties. The world’s premier mediator is Christ, for He made peace between God and humanity, and He provides access to God.”

If you and I were working for George Mitchell this week, we would be allocated duties that contribute and function within his job description. His role right now is to bring the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel into meaningful negotiations.

The fact is we are already working for the Supreme Intermediary and He has already distributed gifts and talents to each one of us. These attributes are not toys for His children to occupy until He comes. They are tools, even weapons, to ‘disciple nations’ and even cause individuals, to meet with Him face to face.

It is so easy to tremble in the face of world failures. Europe is tottering. Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy and the prospects for Spain are not exciting. Major nations within the European Union are considering whether to withdraw from the EU or at least how to so nationalize their activities that a collapse will not sink them too. Germany and France are pondering this dilemma right now.

Yes, there are wars and rumours of wars but they only confirm Jesus knew exactly what the world would become, without Him.

The writer to the Hebrews said the law made nothing perfect. We face a world gone crazy with litigation and laws. But the same writer went on ‘on the other hand there is a bringing in of a better hope, through which we draw near to God.’ (Hebrews 7: 19)

How well do we represent the True Intermediary? There are many who have rebelled against Him and His children, and they reject His intermediary role with determination and passion.

We have not been called to complacency but to the Great Commission. We are designated ‘George Mitchells’ to the world. We go back and forth between the Lord and the Lost and through appropriate contact and communication we keep the hope of salvation and a future alive.

I’m watching activities in the Middle East with great interest and concern. But as I study the news events of every day, I grow increasingly aware of the strategy of God who seeks to equip His saints for His name sake and for the extension of His Kingdom.

Our task is to bring those who are lost to the one who can bring them near for no one comes to the Father, in any other way.

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Ron Ross worked as the first Sports Editor at WINTV. In Wollongong. He ran The Hamburger Hut an outreach and discipleship program for youth. He served with Youth With a Mission in Hawaii, Philippines and Australia. He was senior pastor of the Noosa Baptist Church, Queensland for 9 years. He reported news from Jerusalem for five years and is now the Middle East correspondent for United Christian Broadcasters and travels regularly preaching and teaching.
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