Humanitarian Aid or Trojan Horse?

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Tony Blair, EU Middle East Envoy

16th June,2020

We are watching a flock of what are frequently called ‘fraud flotillas’ planning to sail on Gaza. Israel has advised Western governments to issue travel advisories warning their nationals not to participate. As far as I know, no government has issued the announcement.

Among those threatening to break the blockade is a group of Lebanese women, led by the wife of an imprisoned Lebanese general. Samar Hajj, whose husband Ali Hajj has been in jail for four years in connection with the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, declared that the female activists were “all independent women who believe in breaking the siege on Gaza.”

Hizbullah and Iran have announced their ships will attempt to break the blockade but interestingly, Iranian sources said their naval ships will not be involved. That decision came after the Israeli air force received permission to fly over Saudi Arabia if they decide to make a bombing raid on Tehran.

The Israeli security cabinet is meeting to discuss how they will respond to further flotilla provocation.

Israeli security and aid deliveries to Gaza pose major challenges for everyone. In the past well-intentioned aid ended up being absconded by terrorist leaders and used for their personal pleasure with large amounts sold to Gaza citizens. Much of the humanitarian aid funds went to the purchase of bombs and bullets.

Israel has been increasingly frustrated as financial gifts worth billions of dollars were handed over with little or no accountability in place. Politicians prefer to pose for photo ops and take credit for their charity than actually be held accountable for the wisdom of their PR.

In recent weeks EU Middle East envoy Tony Blair held meetings with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and with EU Foreign Ministers in an attempt to resolve a sensitive situation.

Release Shailt

“I hope we are now in a position to move forward in this way, first of all, and most importantly, that whilst Israel will maintain the blockade in respect of weapons and combat material coming into Gaza, that we change the situation so that those goods that are necessary for ordinary civilian life are brought into Gaza as a matter of course,” Blair said.

“It would be an even greater boost forward for this process if Gilad Shalit, who remains in captivity, were released, He should be released and he should be released unconditionally. That would also help,” Blair observed.

So is that suggestion on the table? Has any influential negotiator actually said Hamas should join the human race before they get any respect?

I thought this was worth sharing: “When it comes to Hamas aggression against the Palestinian people, the silence from American-Muslim organizations has been deafening. While critics decry the Israeli blockade of Gaza as a violation of humanitarian law that deprives the Palestinian people of necessary resources, nobody blinks when Hamas runs the Gaza economy into the ground. Where Israel and Hamas destroy homes that were illegally built, Israel is taken to task by the international community while the criticism of Hamas is mild at best. When Israel is chastised for “targeting” Palestinian civilians, Hamas’ brutal execution of “collaborators” barely receives a head shake.” (The Investigative Project on Terrorism. IPT)

Dorothy Finlay, a registered nurse from New Zealand wrote the following: “I lived in Gaza, hosted by the PA and worked in a PA hospital. I am not Jewish and have numerous Arab friends, but even the PA stated in the Bethlehem Arab press several days ago that Gaza was not starving. It was all an anti-Israel, pro-Hamas exercise.

“I have nursed 2009 children from Gaza in Tel Aviv hospitals, coming for humanitarian heart surgery, one in particular was Abdullah, an 8 year old nephew of a Hamas leader. I have documentation and photos and happy memories of caring for these Arab children in the Jewish hospital. I have taught nursing at Bethlehem University and at St.John Eye Hospital which serves mainly the Arab population and also in Hadassah Jewish hospital. I cared for Jewish and Palestinian children side by side in peace.

“I write these comments to put the record straight for those who are willing to consider a balanced picture of what is really happening in Gaza.” -Dorothy Finlay NZRN

The Apostle Paul warned about those who exchange truth for a lie (Romans 1:25). Such submission to deception can only lead to catastrophe, sooner or later.

The situation is getting much hotter but it seems those who could make a difference prefer to hide from reality.

A senior U.S naval officer warned earlier this week of the plans to send a flotilla from Iran. Such an act would raise the scale of this crisis to white-hot. Some believe the Iranian flotilla is a bluff. The Iranian organizers, they say, expect the ships will be stopped by Egyptian authorities before getting close to any Gaza port. If that is why there is no stop sign it is flirting with danger.

Israel will not treat any flotilla with kid gloves. The head of Shin Bet, the Israeli security service Yuval Diskin estimated Hamas and Islamic Jihad now have an arsenal of more than 5,000 rockets. (Hamas 4000).

Diskin reported to the Israel Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee that some of these rockets had ranges up to 40 kilometres (25 miles) and they could reach central Israel.

He warned against allowing Gaza to operate a port. He said, if the Israeli naval blockade was eased it would be ‘a huge security breach and a dangerous development for Israel.’

If you were in the Israeli government what would you do? Welcome Iran and the other hotheads into your district without any resistance? Or would you do what Israel has had to do, act wisely and aggressively to protect its nation and the people?

Do you know the identity of the one called ‘The Father of Lies?”

The Bible tells is to ‘resist the devil and he will flee.’
What will happen if we choose not to resist?

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