Lifting the Blockade, Also Lifts Hamas

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18th June, 2010
Israel Security Cabinet held ‘extensive discussions’ before they finally announced ‘adjustments’ to their Gaza policy. Among the most highly paid people in any government are the public relations specialists. They have the task of spinning the story to make the governing authorities look strong and decisive, in charge of any given situation.
But whatever way you spin this blockade-easing decision the winners are the Gaza flotilla, Hamas and the rest of the thugs. This is a big announcement for the likes of Turkey, Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qaida, Iran, Islamic Jihad and all in that club, proving violence and aggression works much faster than peace talks and diplomacy.
Hamas did not let us down. Their spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said, “From our standpoint, the Israeli decision is worthless, and this is why we are calling for the continuation of international solidarity efforts aimed at breaking the blockade.”
Hamas Wants More!
The Indian newspaper The Hindu reported: “Hamas said it rejected the Israeli announcement. ‘We in Hamas reject the Zionist decision, which is an attempt to obscure the international decision to completely lift the siege on the Gaza Strip,” AFP quoted senior Hamas leader Ismail Radwan as saying. “We demand the complete lifting of the Gaza siege so that all goods are allowed in and there is total freedom of movement without any interference from the Zionist enemy,” he said.
The last I heard, the USA hosts 12,000,000 ‘illegals’ from Mexico, so of course they know how to tell others how to run secure borders. Qualified or not they had their say. “We welcome the general principles announced earlier today by the Israeli government,” Mark Toner, a State Department spokesman, told reporters. “They reflect the type of changes we’ve been discussing with our Israeli friends,” he said, adding that US envoy George Mitchell “will continue working on them in the coming days” while he remains in the region.
I’m not sure I am thrilled the US envoy is ‘working on them.’ (There are a few problems at home that could take a bit of attention, right now).

“We want to see an expansion of the scope and types of goods allowed into Gaza to address the Palestinians’ legitimate needs for sustained humanitarian assistance and regular access for reconstruction materials,” Toner said.

He will be pleased to know we all go along with those sentiments. Thankfully he joined with the Israeli request for the release of Gilad Shalit who has been in Hamas custody since June 2006.

Russia Wants More!

That great beacon of human rights and humanitarianism, Russia said they wanted more from Israel. Their shopping list includes full access for people, cargo and aid. The international community expects more, they said.

Russia has gone so far as to protest Israeli armed personnel checking security on flights from Russia to Israel, a decision certain to jeopardize the coming season for tourism.

This growing absurdity in dealing with Israel and its right to live peacefully has already brought violence to nations all over the world. The terrorists are encouraged. They have the sense that their winning the war because some nations are selling out for ‘the golden calf’ and others are so busy posing and ‘looking good’ they do nothing.

This is critical and I am avoiding drawing comparisons with the tragic oil slick in the USA but while Washington continues to hold hands with the Palestinian Authority and its chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas is seen as ‘getting the job done.’

In the Middle East, Abbas is the toothless tiger. He lacks power, authority and influence. On the other hand Hamas is the achiever. This is the crowd who refuse to recognize Israel, whose charter proudly proclaims their murderous intent to annihilate them. They are able to dictate to the people of Gaza and by their contempt and aggression openly show the western powers to be just as helpless as Abbas.

The comparison is easy to assess. Abbas was recently hosted at the White House while Hamas is very strongly affiliated with Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

Tony Karon commentator with Time Magazine said: “The crisis in the blockade strategy created by the flotilla debacle runs deeper: the joint strategy adopted four years ago by the West, Israel, the moderate Arab regimes and Fatah to isolate Hamas and force it out of power has not only failed to achieve its objectives but has ceded the initiative to others to set the regional agenda.

“Turkey played a leading role in the flotilla, reiterating its newfound independence from the U.S. on regional issues — and its willingness to challenge Washington and Israel.

“In doing so, Turkey is channeling the overwhelming majority of public opinion throughout the region and highlighting the fact that rather than Hamas, it is the Arab governments that have cooperated with the U.S.-Israeli blockade strategy that are increasingly isolated and under pressure to distance themselves from the siege.

“Easing the blockade may relieve some of the immediate political pressure, but it’s a decision that affirms that the U.S.-Israeli-Arab strategy to write Hamas out of the Palestinian political equation is in deep trouble.”

How long before the White House has to start talks with Iran. How long before President Obama starts to tell us we have to learn to live with a nuclear Iran?

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