“Zionism” and “Pragmatism” are Contradictions in Terms

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By Gary Cooperberg
“A Voice from Hebron”

With the passage of time it should be quite obvious that the process of Zionism, in the Biblical sense, is not a pragmatic one. It defies logic and is not given to political compromise. One cannot hope to achieve peace by compromising on Biblical ideology. The reason that the Jewish People exists is to prove to the entire world that there is a Creator and that His Torah is Truth.

The Living G-d of Israel decreed that His People, Israel, would wander in Exile and be dispersed all over the world. He also decreed that His People, Israel, would eventually be regathered from all over the world and return home to Zion, the Land of Israel, where they will rebuild Jewish sovereignty and conduct their nation according to the Law of G-d.

Try as we will, we cannot rewrite Jewish destiny. We cannot decide to placate the world by agreeing to build a foreign entity on Jewish soil. It is not our right to do so, and any such attempt will not only fail, but will be accompanied by needless tragedy. The foolish attempt to make Israel both a Jewish and democratic state has exploded in our face. Our “equal, democratic” fellow Arab citizens have taken advantage of our stupidity to work to destroy the Jewish state from within. Our Arab Members of Knesset have openly supported the PLO and make no attempt to conceal their motives. Yet our allegiance to “democracy” seems to overpower our basic sense of survival! We have consistently failed to address the reality that we must make a choice. Either we have a democratic state and give up on the Jewish one. Or we insist upon a Jewish State whose citizens are limited to Jews. By continuing to ignore the impossible conflict here we guarantee continued strife and drive peace ever further away.

Zionism is a Biblical process. It is fulfillment of the prophesy that the Jewish People will return home from all over the world. This is already happening. No power on Earth can stop it from continuing unto completion… not even the government of the State of Israel. We cannot define our state by standards of the other nations of the world.

We are very different. We are part of a G-dly process which is not open for negotiation. When we try to negotiate our destiny we demonstrate a lack of faith in G-d and bring needless tragedy upon our own heads… but our destiny continues in spite of us.

If we had genuine Jewish leadership there would be no such thing as a moratorium on Jewish building anywhere in Israel. There would certainly not be any discussion of building a foreign entity upon Jewish soil. And any self respecting government would never tolerate any part of its citizenry challenging its sovereignty. Every Arab who calls himself a “palestinian” is really saying that he denies the legitimacy of Israel. Such a person has no right to live in the Jewish state, much less to be considered a citizen.

The Arabs have twenty two nations, each one of which is vastly larger than the entire Jewish State. If they wish to build themselves a new country there is no lack of land upon which to build. Why do they insist upon carving up the Jewish State to build a new country? It is not because they have any right or connection to this land. It is because, as Moslems, they cannot accept the concept of Jewish sovereignty anywhere in the Middle East. The only reason the so called “palestinian” concept was created was to destroy the Jewish State. And it seems to be working. The only reason it seems to be working is because our leadership is afraid to be honest, and does not really believe in G-d or Jewish Destiny. Without either there is no future for us. This is why our leaders are so desperate to make deadly compromises. Were they truly aware of the power we possess there would be no compromises. Genuine peace can only come when we do our best to please our Creator. Spitting in His Face will only drive peace further away.
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