10: Chapter 4b God is Love

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It's all Israel's fault!

Among Jesus prime attributes are love, mercy and grace. Why have these aspects of His divine nature been denied Israel and the Jewish people by those who claim to be Christians? The very Church that accused the Jews of legalism responded in that pernicious, destructive attitude with sheer arrogance and pride.

How can a people be won by Love if all they received from the Disciples (Ambassadors) is continuous persecution and rejection?

The Church has witnessed to the Jew with spiteful hatred, abuse, murder, jealousy and pride. Now who do you know who has a nature with all those attributes? It certainly is not Jesus!

This malicious misrepresentation of Christ to the Jews has built a wall which only the Almighty can overcome.

Jim Gerrish, author of “Does God Play Favorites” said it well. He asked “Can God Cast Away His people Forever?”

“Since the early centuries of Christianity there have been voices proclaiming in the Church that God is finished with the Jews. Can such a thing be? According to this theology the Jews failed God, so the Lord has washed His hands of them forever. Can God cast away His people? The scripture is clear on this. God knew beforehand that Israel would not be faithful. He also knows the same thing about Christians. In Leviticus 26: 14-43, Moses speaks in detail about all Israel’s failures. Yet, in verse 44, God still says to them, ‘Yet in spite of this, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject them or abhor them so as to destroy them completely, breaking my covenant with them. I am the Lord their God.’” (“Does God Play Favorites,” by Jim Gerrish. Cornerstone Publishing, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Let us make one thing very clear. “Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” (John 14: 6) The fact is, the Lord has a plan. He always has. It is our place to be part of His plan instead of initiating our own pitiful counterfeit.

Another Jim Gerrish paragraph raised my eyebrows.

“Modern Israel is causing us to examine our Bibles more closely. When we look carefully in the scripture we find some shocking facts about our Christian family tree. We learn that our family tree is actually a Jewish one, as is made clear in Romans 11: 17-18. Thus we are somehow spiritually connected to Israel. This fact has been carefully hidden from us since apostolic times.” (Does God Play Favorites, by Jim Gerrish, Cornerstone Publishing, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Elad Benari wrote a story for Arutz Sheva, “Neo-Nazi Couple Find and Embrace Jewish Roots.”

The story centres around Pawel and Ola who met at the young age of 12 while still attending school in Poland’s capital, Warsaw. Eventually, first Pawel and then Ola grew into the neo-Nazi scene. At the age of 18, the two childhood sweethearts got married and had two children.

Benari wrote: “Vaguely remembering a conversation with her mother regarding Jewish roots, Ola checked the records of Warsaw’s Jewish Historical Institute, where she discovered that she is technically a Jew. She then checked Pawel’s family history, once again discovering to her surprise that he too came from a Jewish background.
“It was unbelievable — it turned out that we had Jewish roots. It was a shock. I didn’t expect to find out that I had a Jewish husband,” said Ola.
The shock was even greater since at the time, both Ola and Pawel were active in Warsaw’s neo-Nazi movement and had become skinheads. As Pawel said: “I was a nationalist 100 percent. Back then when we were skinheads it was all about white power… that Jews were the biggest plague and the worst evil of this world.”
Upon discovering he is actually Jewish, Pawel said: “My first thought was what am I going to tell people? What am I going to tell the boys? Should I admit it or not? I was angry, sad, scared, unsure.”
Eventually, Pawel turned to the Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich, who became a friend and a mentor to both Pawel and Ola. Today they are 33, have embraced their Jewish identity and are active in their local orthodox synagogue. Pawel is studying to work in a slaughterhouse and to killing animals using Kosher shechita, while Ola is working in the synagogue’s kitchen as a Kashrut supervisor.” (http://www.israelnationalnews.com/SendMail.aspx?print=print&type=0&item=139819)

What a profound shock to learn Jesus is Jewish and we are His followers? What a shame we carried on like Nazis only to learn we were inflicting our anger on the brothers and sisters of Christ?

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