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President Barak Obama

24th September, 2010

The Obama-Ahmadinejad exchange at the United Nations General Assembly reminded me of the story of the Three Little Pigs. Big Bad Wolf Obama came out with his anticipated rhetoric, “I’m gonna huff, I’m gonna puff and I’m going to talk about how we avoid physical reality!” Obama actually said, “Now let me be clear once more: The United States and the international community seek a resolution to our differences with Iran, and the door remains open to diplomacy should Iran choose to walk through it.”

Ahmadinejad responded within hours from the same rostrum, by saying, it was segments within the US government that orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. At this point the US delegation walked out of the meeting, a kinda protest retreat.

“A propaganda machine began to work after 9/11. It was said that some 3,000 people were killed on 9/11, for which we were all very saddened, but in Afghanistan and Iraq hundreds of thousands have been killed since then,” Ahmadinejad charged. Obama had earlier talked about opening his diplomatic door to the Iranians, a door that was smartly slammed in his face and it happened within hours.

Am I out of step? This US administration has me totally bemused. Iran not only threatens Israel with destruction, it also has the entire Middle East on edge. Saudi Arabia for one, has entered into a multi-million dollar weapons deal with the US, so they might be prepared for tough exchanges with Iran.

But the grave concern must be the White House ignoring proven intelligence which says Iran is paying $1000 for ever dead US soldier. It is also providing $6000 for every destroyed US military vehicle. In the face of these facts, Obama is looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

Obama Targets Israel

His UN speech avoided confronting North Korea and their nuclear programme. He avoided Iran and its nuclear progress. Instead he majored on the Arab-Israel Middle East peace talks. He insisted Israel continue its moratorium on building in Judea and Samaria.

The so-called most powerful leader in the world said, “Israel’s settlement moratorium has made a difference on the ground, and improved the atmosphere for talks. We believe that the moratorium should be extended. We also believe that talks should press on until completed.”
Back in Israel, Gershon Mersika, the head of the Samaria Regional Council described Obama as ‘racist’ and ‘ignorant.’ Danny Danon (Likud), a member of the party led by Israel PM Netanyahu said, “Obama is welcome to turn on CNN on Sunday and watch the tractors resume construction in the land of Israel.”
Other Israeli political leaders called on Obama to respect the will of the people. ‘Honor the democratic decision of Israel’s citizens, who voted in favor of strengthening Jewish cities in Judea and Samaria,” they asked.
It is weird! Obama and Ahmadinejad seem to agree on one thing at least. Israel is the enemy! In the meantime Iran will pay out dollars for dead US soldiers and the US administration will talk about it.
I wonder if the USA realises Iran has called more American soldiers than Israelis, especially since the Obama era began. Hamas and Hizbullah have not made the same deadly impact as the Taliban has done under the Iranian sponsorship deal.
Obama may choose to talk. I’m certain Israel will not comply with that tactic forever.

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