‘Say No to Obama!” – Israel Tea Party

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1st November, 2010

Reporters outnumbered the crowd at the first Israel Tea Party Sunday. The theme was ‘Say No to Obama’ which took specific aim at the U.S. mid-term elections.
Israeli politician and activist Michael Kleiner initiated the rally. He quickly denied the Israel Tea Party has ambition to become a right-wing breakaway party. He spoke to reporters about the rally theme. “This is a message to the United States president that in relations between democracies, you do not force people to do things they did not vote for.”

He hoped the rally and the voice of the people would strengthen Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his coming trials with the U.S President. “Obama will use the next two or three months not to bend Netanyahu’s arm but to break it,” Kleiner insisted. He also warned, the people would break from Netanyahu if he yields to the White House pressure.

Political support for Barak Obama is in freefall. Even some in his own party are discussing whether he should be their nominee in the Presidential elections in 2012.

Some Israeli analysts fear he will apply extreme pressure on the Middle East peace talks in an effort to produce the Palestinian state. Obama may see this as a legacy of his presidency, a milestone for the history books but it might well be a history not to his liking.

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