U.S Foreign Policy Gets New Oomph!

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Mrs Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, pro Israel U.S. Chair

6th November, 2010
While Obama and Clinton have skipped town, Republican new kids on the block are Washington bound.
For instance, the incoming chief of the International Relations Committee in the House will be Cuban-born Ileania Ros-Lehtinen. According to my sources in America, Ileana may at least hinder the Obama administration efforts to bully Israel.
In what can only be called bad news for Obama, one analyst called Ros-Lehtinen ‘a problem’ because she is a hardliner and her ‘thoughts, her beliefs, her ideologies’ are so ‘closely aligned with Netanyahu.’
In a Washington State Department press conference a journalist asked if the State Department ‘can actually bring Congresswoman Ileana to a more practical and understanding of the needs for peace in the Middle East.” (How can you make this woman toe-the-line?)
Appropriately the State Department spokesman Mark Toner explained that Hillary Clinton has been ‘reaching out to the new chairwoman.” (I’ll bet!)
In an earlier interview Ros-Lehtinen was asked about her support for Israel.
“Israel has the right to defend herself against terrorist attacks. Israel has gone overboard in trying to be a positive partner for peace in the Middle East. Yet we have seen that its hostile neighbors have done nothing to dismantle the terrorist network,” she said.
She singled out Syria for ‘funneling money to terrorist groups, harboring terrorists, arming them, giving them refuge. Groups like Islamic Jihad and Hamas have offices in Damascus or in Lebanon, which is right on the boarder of Israel,” she said.
Mrs Ros-Lehtinen represents a heavily Jewish-American district in Florida. She regularly speaks at pro-Israel support groups and specifically mingles freely with her Jewish constituents.
She favors an uncompromising stand on Iran and opposed the recent $60 billion (US) arms deal with Saudi Arabia. The Congresswoman is a Russia skeptic and wants some current US-Russia deals re-considered.
Watch out for her contribution on other deals including those with Jordan, South Korea and Vietnem.
She also wants America to penalize overseas companies who ignore Iranian sanctions.
Welcome to Washington Congresswoman. We pray you will continue to seek truth and sincerity in your vitally important task.

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