The Only Authentic Peace Plan

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This article was distributed 2nd December, 2010 from the Voice of Hebron. It is written by Gary Cooperberg, a strong Jewish advocate. Comment to Gary at

The conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbors is a religious one. The Arabs have a religious mandate to prevent any non Moslem entity from having sovereignty in the Middle East. As such they cannot accept the concept of a Jewish State in any form. The Jewish State has a religious mandate forbidding it to give away Jewish Land to any non Jewish entity, but Israel’s leadership has little interest in religious mandates.

The Arabs living in the Jewish State for the most part share the beliefs of their Moslem brothers. Those who choose to call themselves “Palestinians” are, in fact, expressing their belief that Israel is illegitimate and that the country really belongs to the Arabs. For a Jew to accept the concept of Arab “Palestine” is to become a partner in the effort to destroy the Jewish State. I daresay that most members of the Israeli Knesset are unwitting partners to this effort.

The War of Independence which began in 1948 has not come to a conclusion. It is still being waged today. The biggest problem is that the leaders of Israel refuse to recognize the fact that we are currently engaged in a war for our very survival! Every so called “terrorist” attack is, in truth, an act of war. By calling it “terrorism” we are pretending that we are not really at war, rather contending with individual criminal acts. While we may apprehend and punish individual “terrorists”, we cannot end the war until we recognize it as such and decide to win it once and for all. In war even civilians are enemies. At the very least, simple common sense dictates that we remove our enemies from our midst.

There is no country in the world, other than Israel, which creates an axiom which insists that we have no choice but to live with those who seek our destruction. This axiom sees our enemies granted citizenship, and even sitting in our Knesset! Arab Members of Knesset are clearly working to destroy the Jewish state from within. . . and we call it “democracy”!

Clearly we have created a very confusing situation. Enemies are usually distanced from one another. In Israel we live together with our enemies. When you live together it is very easy to forget that we are at war. People are people with everyday needs and with warm personalities. Indeed, it is not unusual to develop good relationships with neighbors who live near you. One might suspect that such a situation is good. After all when we see that we are all human beings with similar needs and behaviors perhaps we can learn to truly live together in peace. In fact, to a large degree we do. And this is what makes everything so confusing. On an individual basis Jews and Arabs can and do forge good relationships. But on a national level this can never happen. It is easy to pretend that we can make peace with people who are really not so different than we. . . but to do so is a grave mistake.

The vast majority of the Moslem world is made up of religious people who have self-respect and would never consider violating their religious obligations. While certainly there are a few individuals who may do so, most would not. To enter into negotiations with those who cannot negotiate is an exercise in futility. Jewish leaders, who have no compunctions about violating their religious obligations, simply cannot relate to those who cannot, be they Jew or Moslem. As such our leaders sit with our enemies thinking that if we give up on some of our religious ideology that the Moslems will as well. And when they discover this is not the case, they refuse to accept reality. They begin to negotiate with themselves in the futile hope that somehow the Arabs will eventually agree. This is what Sharon did by unilaterally pulling out of the Gaza Strip. Rather than being grateful for Israel’s magnanimity, the Arabs took it as a sign of weakness and turned Gaza into an enemy stronghold.

By accepting Arabs as equal citizens in a Jewish State; by simultaneously recognizing them as a legitimate alternate national entity called “Palestinian”; by accepting their right to raise a new and foreign flag in the Jewish State; by actually ceding parts of our homeland to their control and defacto giving them recognition as a legitimate separate sovereign entity upon Jewish soil and agreeing to permit them to ban Jews from living there; and by even considering limiting Jewish growth in any part of our homeland, we are clearly aiding and abetting our enemies in their transparent effort to destroy the Jewish State.

It is hard to understand how it is possible for such a country to survive. Even the fantasy “peace” plan which envisions two states for two people is nothing more than another knife in the back of the Jewish State. This plan would see the State of Israel divided. Half would become a new Arab enemy state with not one Jew living there, and the other half would be a tinier Israel with Arab enemies within continuing to work at helping their brothers to destroy Israel. How any normal Jewish leader could entertain such visions defies explanation.

When we look at all of the absurd realities comprising the modern state of Israel the only explanation for our continued existence is the constant intervention by the Creator of the Universe. There simply is no other plausible explanation. Were the rebirth of the Jewish State in the Land of Israel not Divine Destiny there is no way it could ever have happened. And that supernatural destiny is the only reason this country can continue to exist from day to day. Just the existence of Israel should be proof enough to the entire world that our Creator is actively fulfilling His prophesies and that He will continue to do so. If the world would but open our eyes to reality no one would dare oppose the Jewish State. For to do so is to oppose the Creator of the Universe. . . a true exercise in futility which will only bring Divine punishment.

If, on the other hand, the nations of the world would stand with Israel in order to demonstrate their recognition of our Creator, true and genuine peace would result. The real obstacle to peace is our unwillingness to accept the reality that G-d does, always has, and always will control our world. Modern technology has many of us convinced that we are the new Creator. It is the Tower of Babel all over again. If we are to save ourselves from imminent and grave tragedy we must align ourselves to Biblical Zionism rather than oppose it. This is the only peace process that will work. The rest will only bring us harm.

Like Israel, Project Shofar is a tiny drop of Truth in an ocean of falsehood. The likelihood of it having any affect at all is practically nothing. It is an illogical and impossible mission. But when we choose to serve our G-d, nothing is impossible and logic plays no part. We just go ahead and do what we can and trust that G-d will take care of the impossible.


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Ron Ross worked as the first Sports Editor at WINTV. In Wollongong. He ran The Hamburger Hut an outreach and discipleship program for youth. He served with Youth With a Mission in Hawaii, Philippines and Australia. He was senior pastor of the Noosa Baptist Church, Queensland for 9 years. He reported news from Jerusalem for five years and is now the Middle East correspondent for United Christian Broadcasters and travels regularly preaching and teaching.

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