Wikileaks – What Damage Control?

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Saudi King Abdullah

The Wikileaks debacle once again exposed the gross inefficiency of U.S. security. President Obama roundly condemned BP and its CEO after the Gulf of Mexico oil leak crisis. Now the U.S.A. CEO must take responsibility for this catastrophic leaks problem and the diplomatic chaos it continues to cause.

It seems strange, no immediate effort has been made to charge Wikileaks with crimes of the most serious nature. The leaks continue to be published and they fuel the flames already wreaking havoc.

However, Israeli leaders must feel emboldened by the documents released so far. The Arab concern over the pending nuclear status of Iran is a case in point. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority Chairman and their spokesman Saeb Erekat have constantly warned the Arab’s greatest concern with Israel and the peace talks, is over the establishment of the Palestinian Authority.

The Obama team pushing for the Middle East peace process have enforced that opinion and privately and publicly have pressured Israel to make more and more concessions. The leaked documents say otherwise.

“Note that Arab leaders did not condition their opposition to Iran or call for a U.S. attack on settling the Arab-Israeli or Israel-Palestinian conflicts,” said Barry Rubin, the Director of the Gloria Research in International Affairs.
“This is contrary to what Administration officials, academia, and parts of the mass media who argue these issues are basically linked have been claiming, and that is that the conflict must be ‘solved’ before doing much else,” he added. “As I’ve told you, the Arab regimes worry first and foremost about Iran and have greatly downgraded their interest in the conflict or antagonism toward Israel.”
Saudi King
Saudi King Abdullah asked America to sever the head of the Iranian snake.
Bahrain offered to be the U.S. base for an attack on Iran.
Syria is the lone Arab state to prefer its northern axis with Iran.
Nevertheless, in the leaked documents Syrian President Bashar Assad said the terrorist group Hezbollah is the ‘most powerful faction in Lebanon.’
He also sent a representative for meetings in the U.S. two years ago although he knew it was just ‘a photo op.’ He added, ‘We do what we think is good for our interests.’
Israel National News reported on this story with this stunning paragraph: “One surprising statement in a leaked cable came from Qatar’s Amir Hamad bin Khalifa, who told U.S. Senator John Kerry last February, “When you consider that many in the region perceive that Hizbullah drove Israel out of Lebanon and Hamas kicked them…out ‘of the small piece of land called Gaza,’ it is actually surprising that the Israelis still want peace.” (
In the immediate aftermath of this crisis President Obama has been invisible. All the press interviews and major media statements have been issued by U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, appearing to be very presidential.
I am keeping a close eye on Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Israeli leaders. Much of what they have been saying for years has been affirmed by the Wikileaks documents.
U.S. diplomacy in many locations has been undermined effectively not least of all in the Middle East.

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