Iran and Hizbullah Set to Rule in Lebanon (A Jubilation T. Cornpone Moment!)

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A few decades ago Jubilation T. Cornpone was among my favorite musical comedies. “The Country’s in the Very Best of Hands” was a satirical, rollicking hit from the show. I’m reminded of its theme as we observe the inept, hopelessly ill-informed approach taken by the West where Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas and all things Middle East are concerned.

What can we make of news that Hizbullah (‘The Party of God’) have been conducting training drills with a national coup in Lebanon, their declared objective? I mean, they have made no secret of their plans and yet the Palooka politicians still make their power-of-positive thinking statements with a clear plan to ignore reality and avoid responsibility.

On January 19 CNN reported, ‘Hizbullah stages coup drills in Beirut as indictments loom.’

“Hizbullah’s army early Tuesday carried out exercises, without weapons, aimed at taking control of Beirut’s airport, major highways and the seaport. The drill spread fears of a return to the violent street violence that nearly set off a new civil war two years ago. Reports stated that schools closed and people kept their children off the streets,” according to Israel National News.

Hizbullah was accepted into the Lebanese government. Their leader Hassan Nassrallah referred to them as ‘a state within a state’ indicating he had no real dream of intergration.

Hizbullah has been embraced as a legitimate political party even after there was strong suspicion they were involved in the assassination of the Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Now that suspicion is about to become a declared fact and Hizbullah is bracing for critical reaction even in Lebanon.

It is a well-known fact Hizbullah, like Hamas in Gaza, are front-line forces employed, equipped and empowered by Iran and Syria.

Loud-talking, promise-making, do-nothing politicians continue to strut their stuff proclaiming the advancement for peace in the Middle East even while the signs say the opposite. Every development, especially in Lebanon, indicates a return to civilian unrest. Outright chaos is imminent.

Consider this report from the Fars News Agency quoting a retired Lebanese general saying, the next Lebanon prime minister may come from the ranks of Hizbullah. If so, what then?

Jihad Watch issued this comment: “A UN tribunal investigating the assassination of Lebanese former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is expected to accuse Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei of giving the order to murder Hariri, according to a Saturday report by news website Newsmax.

“The report suggested that the investigative body will lay out evidence showing that the murder was committed by Iran’s Quds force and their allies, Hizbullah in Lebanon.”

It would seem Iran has been playing the politicians and diplomats from the West as fools while stubbornly progressing towards it Middle East goals.

U.S policies promote and support Iran’s goals in Lebanon and Gaza by ignoring the facts on the ground.

Writing in the Washington Post, columnist Jackson Diehl said, “This week has brought signs that that luck (for the Obama administration) may be about to change. If it does, it will not be because Israelis and Palestinians have not agreed on a two-state solution. Rather, it will be because the regional troubles that the Obama administration has ignored in its preocupation with the peace process can no longer be contained.”
American influence in the Middle East took another savage blow this week when Saudi Arabia gave up on their role as mediator in Lebanon.

The Saudi statement said they washed their hands of Lebanon’. They said mediation efforts had reach a deadlock, leading to a dangerous situation in the country.

Is anyone surprised? Action will be required in the near future as Hizbullah and Iran test the West to the extreme. The entire foreign policy of Western governments needs a desperate course correction and time is not on their side.

“Professing to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1: 22) comes to mind. The evidence of foolishness in the process adopted so far in the Middle East is very clear and there will be consequences.

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