Inside Story of Obama’s UN Veto

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Israel’s high level official shook his head in disbelief as he shared inside knowledge of how the United States came to vetoing a Palestinian inspired resolution condemning Israel at a session of the United Nation’s Security Council.

In the days before Friday’s session, Israel’s Prime Minister called the Prime Ministers of Germany and Britain and the President of France to urge them not to support the Palestinian initiative. During this time Israeli officials began consulting with the Obama Administration. No one seriously considered the possibility that the Obama Administration would be a problem. This feeling was enforced when President Obama on Thursday morning called Palestinian President Abbas to try and convince him to pull the Security Council resolution off the table.

Obama’s hour long call, in which Obama used numerous forms of bribery, failed to move Abbas. Instead of fortifying Obama’s opposition to the resolution, Abbas’ rejection flipped the President. The Administration suddenly flipped into high gear in support of the Resolution. Early on Friday, Secretary of State Clinton taped a TV interview in which she joined the Palestinian cry that all Israeli settlements are illegal.

Clinton was not just voicing her opinion but the opinion of the Obama Administration that they were prepared to back the central contentions of the Palestinian Authority even if it meant supporting the Security Council Resolution.Israel was surprised and shaken by the Obama Administration’s stance.

It quickly became clear that Israel could not convince Obama to cast a veto on its own. As the Administration’s support for the resolution hardened, Israel turned to its allies in Congress. Democrats Chuck Schumer and Congressman Steny Hoyer took the lead. In the end they got the United States to veto but the veto came with strong verbal support for the Palestinians by United Nations Permanent Representative Susan Rice. Israeli officials confirm that without active support from Congress the Obama Administration would have sided with the rest of the world against Israel. The Congressmen involved in this lobbying effort were taken aback by anti-Israel animus at the highest levels of the Obama Administration.

One veteran of this battle, a strong advocate of Israel doing what it had to do to appease the Obama Administration, said the struggle to get a veto convinced him that “Opposition to Israel runs very deep in the Obama White House. During the last two years Israel has given Obama what he asked for but that is not seen as being enough. It is incredible that we had to engage in all out war to get the Administration to do what it should have done naturally — veto an outrageous United Nations Security Council Resolution that endangers the State of Israel.”

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