Revolution Fever! Dictators Take Note!

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Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and the de facto Gaza Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh are stepping up self-protection plans. They fear an escalation of ‘revolutionary fever’ will hit them where it hurts.

In Gaza, the so-called ‘moderate’ Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership broke up a sit-in demonstration and beat journalists. This is the Abbas-led gang singled out by the Obama administration as legitimate peace partners for Israel.

In Ramallah, the home base for Mahmoud Abbas, PA police confiscated journalists’ cameras and ordered them to turn off recorders. Does this behavior indicate the US policy of supporting brutal dictators extends beyond the Egyptian Pharoah, Mubarak?

While banning rallies on behalf of any local uprising, the Fatah movement, headed by Abbas, has launched a Facebook campaign calling for rallies against the rival Hamas movement.

The Abbas’ regime is increasingly criticized for turning the PA into a police state, the same complaint which is now leveled against Mubarak.

World leaders recognize Abbas even though he is serving as leader illegally. His legitimate term expire more than a year ago. But surprise, surprise! This week Abbas has announced he is planning new elections!

Hizbullah has gained authority there. In past PA elections Hamas was the winner.

We watch in bemusement as Washington raises the arms of Abbas as their Middle East peace champion. The ‘Arab on the street’ may have more to say about their circumstances as revolutionary forces grow in determination and confidence.

What’s the good news? Dictators are on notice!

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