William Hague Foot in Mouth Disease

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The British Foreign Secretary William Hague this week urged Israel to tone done its ‘belligerent language.’ He feared that unrest in the Middle East could impact the Israel-Palestinian peace process.

On the same day Hague made his pompous remarks, the London Telegraph reported pupils in UK schools are learning to cut off the hands and feet of thieves.

Johnny arrives home from school. His doting dad is waiting for a detailed update. ‘Well son what did you learn today?”

“Oh father! Today we learned how some Jews were turned into pigs and apes,” Johnny says. Dad nods knowingly. “That’s true Johnny. That’s why we sent William Hague to the Middle East to shut them up!”

Just days after the British Prime Minister David Cameron said that multiculturalism in England has failed, the Telegraph reveals that 5,000 pupils attending weekend school across Britain learn that those who do not believe in Islam will be condemned to ‘hellfire’ in death. That pearl comes from a text-book for six year olds.

Teenagers in that same UK system learn how thieves who break Sharia law should have their hands cut off for a first offence and their feet amputated for a repeat crime.

It seems William Hague has loads of wisdom to offer Israel but he has failed dismally at home.

Maybe the prime minister should recall Hague back to home turf so he can explain his speech and his policies to him.

William Hague needs to be brought up-to-date on the home scene instead of instructing Israel on how to behave in the face of evil.


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