California -13 Year Old Girl, Saved from Arranged Marriage to Pakistani.

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In Psalm 127: 3 we learn – “children are a gift of the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward.” That truth sits well with us but for a Californian teenager her value has been tested and her life treated as a chattel. This 13-year-old girl ran away from home because she feared her parents had arranged a marriage for her, in Pakistan. When interviewed by police, those same parents lied about Jessie’s disappearance.

Note this did not happen in an Islamist controlled Middle East nation but in the U.S. state of California. It must cause those politically correct advocates to reassess their definition of what is legitimate Islamic behaviour.

In this case, the teenager, Jessie Bender, was about to be taken on a so-called ‘two-month vacation to Pakistan’ arranged by her mother and stepfather. But Jessie skipped the offer.

Her ‘doting’ parents told police, Jessie ran away because she had jumped to conclusions about the trip and overreacted. If the Western world stands for human rights, there must be some serious concerns caused by details exposed here.

According to history, the Prophet Muhammed himself, married a nine-year-old. In Koran teaching the Prophet is the ‘beautiful pattern of conduct,’ hence the basis for the parental plan for Jessie. They simply made their decision based on the example set by the Prophet.

Now the serious question to be addressed in what we like to call ‘the free world’, is how protected are the children of Moslem families living in so-called Western freedom?

The police in this situation said Jessie was ‘trying to escape the arranged marriage.’ The parents told police Jessie had been abducted by someone she met on Facebook. She had been kidnapped, they claimed.

This was all a lie.

“Bender family members misled detectives and withheld critical information,” San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Roxanne Walker said in a news release. In fact, Jessie had been assisted by another family member and was in hiding to avoid becoming the bride of a Pakistani man.

Fortunately Jessie and her three siblings have been taken into protective custody. Authorities are considering whether to file charges in this case. What’s to consider?

The abuse here amounts to an attempted kidnapping which if successful would have had the most devastating impact on Jessie’s life.

The parents claimed to police Jessie had been kidnapped. The truth of that the crime is clear. She was about to be kidnapped, by her own parents. Unless there’s another law gaining legitimacy in California, the charges seem to be cut and dried.

There is no doubt where the Lord is on this situation.

Psalm 146: 9 says He ‘protects the strangers and supports the fatherless.” That fits here. The same verse concludes ‘He thwarts the way of the wicked.’

More and more teens from Moslem families will face this dilemma. How will the youth submit to such abusive autocracy after they taste freedom? It will take courage. It will also require those of us who have tasted the true gift of faith from God who is love, to be around and available to comfort, encourage and embrace them as they seek the Truth.

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