Gary Cooperberg asks, “Who is in Charge?”

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By Gary Cooperberg (

This is the key question which most are simply unwilling to address. It is the reason we have so much turmoil in our world. As we watch dictators in the Arab world being deposed after decades of complete control it makes you wonder. Have the masses decided to adopt “democracy”? Is this what is happening all over the world? I think not.

Democracy assumes that the majority is always right. But this is not always true. But, worse than this, human nature prefers to assign authority to a charismatic leader. As regimes are toppled we will see new dictators emerge. And, more than this, we will begin to see the true character of the nations who allegedly accept Israel.

Our stalwart peace partner, Egypt, has a population which hated Mubarak for forging relations with Israel. His replacement will clearly not repeat that “mistake”. Turkey, another stalwart ally of Israel, has already shown its contempt for the Jewish State above and beyond the “flotilla” incident. Jordan, as well, despite its diplomatic image, has a rabid hatred for the Jewish State. If Abdullah wants to retain his throne he will have to show his people that he hates Israel as well.

I don’t know why I need to state the obvious, other than the fact that most people prefer not to see unpleasant realities, but the PLO and Hamas are not peace partners, rather enemies dedicated to our complete destruction.
The leadership of the Jewish State has an obligation to stop trying to please the nations by participating in efforts aimed toward our destruction. The Jewish State was reborn via miracles. We have no right to apologize for those miracles. On the contrary. We must augment them with human miracles. We must defy the nations of the world and accept our role to be a light unto the nations. It we, and only we, who are destined to prove to the nations of the world that it is the Creator of the Universe who is in charge. Rather than trying to make peace by spitting in His face, we should stand against all odds and defy all those who challenge our exclusive right to our homeland.
In the history of nations was there ever a nation which agreed to a moratorium of building within its own homeland? Was there ever a nation which expelled her own citizens from their rightful homes? Since when was fighting an enemy who seeks your destruction been termed “racism”? The greatest challenge to the Jewish State today is the self degradation of our own leadership. But this too we will survive. We have a G-dly destiny that no power on Earth can alter, not even our own leadership.

Yes, indeed, Iran is planning to lead the effort to destroy Israel. Yes, all of the Arab nations are uniting in that effort. And our most enduring ally, the United States of America, will not save us from the Arab onslaught. . . she may even end up aiding our enemies in that futile effort.

The end game is to prove to the entire world that the Living G-d of Israel is in charge. It is too bad that human nature will force this lesson to be learned the hard way. Those who join in the battle to destroy Israel seek to prove that there is no Creator. And that is why they will themselves be destroyed.

As I continue to wake up every morning for pre-dawn prayers at the Cave of Machpela in Hebron, I still marvel at the fact that here I am, a Jew born in the United States, living in the City of Abraham and praying by his burial place. I have raised my children here and am watching my grandchildren grow up here as well. This is my own personal miracle and it only gives me strength in the conviction that our national miracles are guaranteed. It pains me that so many of my brothers fail to understand their role in the climax of Jewish destiny, and that by willingly accepting that role they can have true peace and happiness in their lives.

Project Shofar seeks to bring this message to those who choose not to see. It is incredible that the majority, both in the Exile and even in Israel, fail to see the obvious. They prefer to believe in the nonsense that we can make peace with those who seek our destruction rather than to accept the reality that with us is the greatest power in the world Who wants us to make real peace simply by accepting and demonstrating the fact that He and only He is in charge.

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Ron Ross worked as the first Sports Editor at WINTV. In Wollongong. He ran The Hamburger Hut an outreach and discipleship program for youth. He served with Youth With a Mission in Hawaii, Philippines and Australia. He was senior pastor of the Noosa Baptist Church, Queensland for 9 years. He reported news from Jerusalem for five years and is now the Middle East correspondent for United Christian Broadcasters and travels regularly preaching and teaching.
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