Hamas, Abbas and the Isolation of Israel

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Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah Leader)

‘I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle …’ (Zech 14.2) This analysis from www.onejerusalem.org sets up a scenario which could lead to the fulfillment of Zechariah 14: 2. Could the current U.S administration be at the centre of such an event? Read on….

“Hamas ordered rocket attacks on Israel and then offered to re-instate the cease fire that has been in effect. Hamas included in its humanizing offensive a meeting with Fatah’s Abbas to show the world they are not the evil force that is oppressing Palestinians, murdering Israelis, and an avowed enemy of the United States.
It is a sign of the warped times that we live in that this kind of charm offensive by the most barbaric of Islamists will bear fruit for Hamas. Negotiating with the harmless looking Mr. Abbas will score points for Hamas in Europe and the White House. Both Europe and the White House have already tried to legitimize Hamas and this will help their cause.

In a column this week, Caroline Glick has correctly declared that Israel has lost Europe. When Britain, France, and Germany voted against Israel on the Security Council they declared that Israel is a political liability and they want to shed themselves of that burden.

The Obama Effect

As we have reported, the Obama administration has been at the forefront of the diplomatic war against Israel. The President chose to express solidarity with the Palestinians in his statement on a massive bombing in the heart of Jerusalem. This came on the heels of Obama telling Jewish leaders the Israel is the reason why there is no peace deal with the Palestinians. A message Secretary Gates reiterated last week.

As the isolation of Israel picks up steam, friends of Israel must come to its defense. Today Israel said that if Abbas forms a coalition with Hamas, Israel will sever relations with Abbas. If that comes about you can be sure the European Union and the White House will come down hard on Israel.

We must let our elected officials know that we stand by Israel defending itself against its enemies. We urge you to recruit family and friends to sign up to get our news alerts so they can be informed of developments. Take it upon yourself to get 10 people to sign up. “

Go to www.onejerusalem.org for more details.

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