Obama Declares Open Warfare on Israel

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Is this the way senior officials in Israel are thinking today? Read and reflect. Maybe visit www.onejerusalem.org for more like this.

For a President who dithers and makes excuses over tyrants in Iran, Libya, and Egypt, Barak Obama wears his angst with Israel on his sleeve.

This week, President Obama met with 50 Jewish members of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. In contrast with his first meeting with American Jewry, where Obama tried to anoint the far left J Street crowd, this time he chose a mainstream Jewish organization. The Conference is an umbrella organization comprised of ideologically diverse groups.

But if one expected that Obama’s choice of guests signaled a move away from the J Street agenda of “There is no price too high for Israel to pay” they would be wrong. Obama chose the Conference so he could deliver a strong message to a group of Jews who overwhelmingly care about the future of the Jewish State — those who see their duty as supporting the aspirations of the democratically elected governments of Israel and who do not try to undermine the will of the Israeli people (the way J Street does.)
Obama knew that most of the people in the room would disagree with his message to Israel but he saw their close relationship with Israel’s leaders as another way to badger Israel’s allies and the duly elected representatives in Israel.

Numerous sources have reported that in the meeting Obama made it clear that Israel is the reason why there is no peace with the Palestinians and why Iran continues its march for nuclear weapons (he openly endorsed the nonsense that the lack of a deal with the Palestinians is a prime reason why Iran has not been stopped.)

Several news stories report that Obama said that Israel should search its soul and capitulate
to the demands the Palestinians are making for control over Jerusalem and Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank. Such a withdrawal would make Israel vulnerable to its enemies.

The news accounts did not mention whether Obama supports the so-called right of return — an integral part of the Palestinian agenda to destroy Israel. But it is clear that Obama is convinced that Israel is the problem and that Abbas is a victim of Israel’s foot dragging.

By all accounts Obama was a good host who pledged to support Israel’s security. Can you imagine any government of Israel putting their defense in Obama’s hands?

There is no doubt that Obama’s message was delivered to Israel. Today, Israeli radio reported that Israel’s government is preparing to give up the West Bank, including the strategically important Jordan Valley, and parts of Jerusalem. This report has not been confirmed but even if true no government of Israel will survive if it backed this suicidal plan.

But there is no doubt that Obama posses a big problem for Israel. Even Democrats warn that if Obama gets re-elected Israel will be under even greater pressure to emasculate the homeland of the Jewish people.

For another look at the Obama White House meeting check out American Thinker.

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