Olympic Logo Stirs Iranian Protest.

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The Olympic logo for the 2012 Games secretly spells out the word ‘Zion’, according to Iranian leaders. Iran accused Games organizers of racism, saying the logo spells the word ‘Zion,’ a biblical term for Jerusalem.

Iranian spokesman Mohammed Aliabadi called for a new design and he called for the designers of the current logo to be ‘confronted.’ One wonders what his definition of ‘confronted’ means?

While most would brush off the Iranian tantrum, an anti-Semitic video posted on YouTube has scored more than 50,000 hits and counting..

Charges against the so-called Zionist plot are coming thick and fast. ‘The men who rule the world from the shadows’ are behind the evil deed, they claim.

The charges include a forecast that the 2012 Olympic Games is a planned venue for Zionist chest-thumping.

“The shadow government of Zionists will be coming out of the closet in 2012” to rule the world, we are warned.

“Other claims abound as well, with some comparing the 2012 logo to a swastika, while others say it looks like the Waffen SS logo, and still others say it secretly depicts a sexual act,” wrote Maayana Miskin at Arutz Sheva.

The logo has been controversial, mainly because we are told it cost around $800,000 to produce.

Olympic officials have been stunned. by the Iranian timing. The logo was first released in 2007. Maybe Iran was too busy with its peace-loving nuclear plans to notice before now.

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