Syria, Facebook and Media Misinformation

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Many will be stunned even shocked to know that Syrian protests have escalated despite the brutality of the oppressive Assad regime.

Protesters snubbed the might of their ruling authorities by setting fire to government offices in southern and western Syria over the weekend.

Presidential advisor Bouthaina Shaaban told reporters that demonstrators attacked a police station and offices of the Baath party in the town of Tafas, six miles (10 kilometers) north of the city of Daraa, the city where anti-government protests have flourished.

The protests in and around Daraa ignited into a nationwide phenomenon when thousands marched across the nation. Although troops and police opened fire killing dozens, the impetus continued and President Assad, after eleven years in power, is threatened.

Once again social networks have bypassed government media. Facebook groups have called for ‘popular uprisings’ across Syria and they frequently refer to ‘The Syria Revolution 2011.’

The Facebook sites are published in English and Arabic and run video showing police brutality. They call for ‘freedom in Syria.’

The momentum is growing and the Syrian status quo is under serious threat. Further anger was sparked when a reported 25 people were killed by authorities on the Muslim day of prayer.

Despite offers of new conciliatory reforms, the protesters remain determined to achieve change.

It is interesting to note the US government has decided to offer funds to the BBC World Service. Their goal is to help the USA to regain some credibility in the ‘World Info War’.

The financial amount is said to be a low six-figure sum but specifically they support the development of anti-jamming technology and software.

A report I have said they want to spend their money to keep the internet free.

At the moment the Syrians are talking to each other and tearing down the walls of misinformation that has contained them for so long.

Come to think of it. It is not so long ago President Obama resumed talks with the Syrians and even sent an Ambassador to Damascus. If the protests happen to succeed, I wonder what the Syrian people will think about that?

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