The Donald to the President: “You’re Fired!”

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Truth may soon prove to be stranger than fiction, once again. Donald Trump is climbing the charts. Polls in America have him rated among the leading Republican candidates for the 2012 presidential election and the Donald is yearning to eyeball Barak Obama and declare, ‘You’re fired!’

This morning in the Washington Post Kathleen Parker wrote this opening line in a story headlined ‘The Trump Card’: “NEW YORK — As the number of Republicans declaring themselves potential presidential candidates has begun to look like a conga line without music, hope lingered that somewhere unnoticed was a brilliant dark horse biding his sweet time.” In the third paragraph she said: “Turns out: The Candidate would be tall and rich and sport a coif that defies party identification. He would be a reality TV star. And his name would be known to all, such that even jaded veterans would slap their foreheads as the obvious became clear. But of course! The Donald.”

Many eyebrows were raised when Trump’s presidential aspirations were made known, but the billionaire businessman is street smart, and speaks to the issues currently spiking the nation.

Only the most ardent pre-programmed robot could still trust politicians after the public dithering of recent times. Even Sarah Palin returned to the spotlight this week attacking the establishment in both major parties. The attempt by Republicans and Democrats to achieve a budget recently, was publicly embarrassing, even laughable. The threat to shut down government activities rather than face reality highlighted the leaderless vacuum in Washington. It spoke of a serious lack of wisdom and a pig-headedness that is resisting the national debt and treating the voters as morons. To actually speak of not funding the military because of political ineptitude was alarming. Right now, across the board, Americans are tired of paying for political weaknesses.

Into this quagmire of inefficiency comes the master communicator – the Donald. In the electorate he has powerful name recognition. That’s a big plus! He proudly boasts being non-political. He stirred national response a month ago when he asked to see Obama’s birth certificate, a topic many of the Washington elite avoid like the plague. Maybe it’s too tacky a topic and of course, it might be embarrassing, but for someone seeking a public life, it is a legitimate enquiry.

Trump explains how his building interests are forced to buy foreign products because of the international trade imbalance. It is now far cheaper to buy from overseas than at home. Jobs cannot be multiplied in America if that situation continues, he warns. As president, Trump declares he would impose a 25 percent tax on imports from China, just to balance the field for local manufacturers.

On a recent TV interview he spoke of his own long-term business deals with the Chinese. The Chinese negotiators are tough, seasoned dealmakers, Trump said. But in Washington, they meet with diplomats who are way out of their league as dealmakers.

Trump declared that America should stop fighting everyone’s wars. He said if we enter the fray and win a war in say, Iraq, instead of investing our lives and spending our cash and then just handing them back the key, we should get the oil. Iraq is a case in point, according to Trump. We have invested there. We invested our lives and our cash. Eventually we will withdraw our troops and hand them the key and they will immediately connect with Iran. That is stupid, he said.

Libya is another story. The Rebels may be members of Al Qaeda or other terrorist factions.We don’t know, Trump said. He is against U.S. taxpayers financing wars without some return or at least compensation. “We get the oil!” Trump said.

A Madhouse

He spoke of overseas money that no longer considers America to be a good investment. “We are not growing,” he said. “There is no hope in our land.”

This message resonates with the massive numbers of American unemployed. It also strikes the right chord with the passionate Tea Party movement. “I love the Tea Party. They woke this country to the devastating problems we have,” he said.

Doug Giles writing for Townhouse Magazine said: “…. it seems that I’m not alone in finding DT’s comments compelling. According to every poll out there, America really digs what Donald is doing, and he’s either tied or ahead of the GOP wannabe pack. Trump is even polling better than Barack in the new Biden/Michelle Obama poll. It’s a madhouse, folks. A madhouse.”

We are living in an era powerfully influenced by television, Facebook, Twitter and the like. Presidential candidates and pundits may scoff at Trump-talk only to find they are out-gunned. They will certainly have to get topical and political side-stepping answers will be seen as the weak, avoidance, tell-nothing maneuver they have always been.

Above all, the voting for President in America is a dreadful circus. It surrenders to hype, balloons and razzamatazz and embraces all the fanfare of a college football game.
The contest to elect ‘the most powerful person in the world.’ to a large degree, is decided by the charisma, personality and popular cultish appeal of the candidate. It has to be much more serious and selective.

Watching American news reports, simply highlights the shallow superficiality of it all. While economists are howling about American debt and overspending, candidate Obama is on-the-road gathering a campaign fund, freely tipped to be a billion dollars or more. While he promotes the increase of taxes for the rich, his campaign function in Chicago sold for a cool $38,000 a ticket! It is this false economy and disregard for frugality that has pushed the nation towards a 15 trillion dollar deficit.

Meanwhile the Republican Party is still shuffling the deck, hoping an appropriate presidential prospect will emerge in time for the upcoming race. As Kathleen Parker observed, there are many ‘in the valley of decision’ but few outstanding or obvious choices.

The financial burden for the presidential campaign is a major setback. It is not enough to be the most qualified individual unless you can compete financially. Unless of course, you are someone with the publicity clout of say, Donald Trump.

As of now Trump is topping some Republican polls. In most he figures in the top three. This might be early euphoria, or it might also be that Trump is scratching the voters where they are itching. Maybe it’s just because he is prepared to speak out without political double-speak.

The 2012 USA presidential election will have major importance for America and the rest of the world. Watching the initial preparations for the contest suggests Obama is not taking his re-election for granted. He is in campaign-mode right now.

“Surely this great nation, is a wise and understanding people,” we read in Deuteronomy 4: 6c. I am praying that in the lead up to the 2012 election, the people of America will seek to be wise and understanding. They must push through the hype and get serious about the problems in their land.

“Righteousness exalts a nation’ according to Proverbs 14:34 and we are praying America gets it right.

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