Arab Winter Emerging

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The press and commentators, many friends of Israel, have been cheerleaders for what they have coined The Arab Spring. Ignoring facts on the ground they have tirelessly promoted the unsubstantiated claim that the tumult on the Arab world is the result of mass democratic impulses among Egyptians, Libyans, Yemenites, etc. They latched onto the figure of an Egyptian Google employee as they proclaimed a new day has dawned in the Arab world. Old tyrants are being replaced by new democrats with Western values.

As the dust settles the picture that is emerging is not so pretty. Throughout the Middle East the notorious Muslim Brotherhood is emerging with new influence. This organization that spawned Al-Qaeda and is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the United States is in position to take over Egypt — until recently the bulwark against Islamic extremism and Iran.

Today, more evidence of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic extremism emerged with the current Egyptian government brokering an alliance between Fatah and Hamas. Under Mubarak, Hamas was the enemy and Israel the friend. Today the relationship has been turned on its head with a united front against Israel coming into being.

Israel’s Prime Minister, responded to this development by saying that Fatah (Abbas) must chose between peace with Israel or Hamas. The White House responded coolly to the news of the agreement but did not rule out coming to terms with it. There are reports that the White House, the Obama Administration, can live with Hamas under certain circumstances. This would be in line with the Administration’s policy of trying to make the Muslim Brotherhood acceptable.

Dark days are ahead for Israel, the United States, and innocent people everywhere.

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