Flotilla, Hamas, Egypt (Hamas – Al-Qaeda- Nazis)

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Another flotilla is set to sail any day soon. 15 vessels are loaded with cargo and about to sail into an expected collision course with Israel security forces. They are openly declaring support for Hamas, a terrorist group according to the USA, Israel, the European Union but not Turkey.

A spokesman for the venture, Huseyin Oruc said 1,500 activists from 22 organizations will participate – more than double the first attempt. The Mavi Marmara will return and it is planned to link up with ships departing from Spain, Greece, France and Italy.

Spokesman for the Israeli prime minister, Mark Regev said the project was ‘an unnecessary provocation’ and ‘a political stunt to support the Hamas regime.’

Hamas on the Move – to Egypt!

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week advised his Foreign Affairs and Security Committee that Hamas is moving out of Damascus and heading to Egypt.

Khaled Mashaal, the Hamas supreme leader has departed Damascus according to Israel reports.

Netanyahu also observed that the Muslim Brotherhood, who birthed Hamas in the first place, is flexing political muscle in Egypt following the removal of Hosni Mubarak.

An Egyptian official has told an Arab news agency that Al-Qaeda has also brought 400 terrorists into Egypt.

On top of all the above, the Nazi Party has reformed in Egypt. The Nazis operated secretly under Mubarak but have now come out of hiding.
Apart from promoting an independent website the Nazis have two pages promoting their revival on Facebook.

A report said: ‘the founders want to avoid media attention until they are ‘fully ready.’

Arab League Turns to UN for ‘the state of Palestine.’

The 23-member Arab League has snubbed President Obama and officially abandoned his peace talks initiative. Instead they have backed the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in a bid to seek statehood through the UN.

Last week President Obama insisted that it was not practical to ask the UN to recognize the Palestinian Authority as an independent country.

The Arab League decided otherwise.

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