Netanyahu Defends Israel, the Jewish People and America

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President Obama paid a huge price for his surprise attack on the State of Israel in his Thursday “Arab Speech.” Along with abandoning long time American positions, like calling for a return to 1967 lines (which Abba Eban called Auschwitz Lines) that cannot be Israel’s border because Israel is not secure within those lines, Obama showed his contempt for the State of Israel by announcing his dramatic policy shifts just hours before a scheduled meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Why didn’t he wait to discuss his polices with his ally? Because his policies are designed to be Arab not Israel-centric.

Even before he got on the plane to come to Washington, Netanyahu let it be known that Obama’s policy was not acceptable. He undoubtedly, underscored that response in his private meeting with Obama on Friday. And he certainly let the world know what he thought when after the meeting he spoke to the press with Obama at his side.

Netanyahu respectfully lectured the American President. He told him that Israel is not responsible for Arab refugees because Israel absorbed an equal number of Jewish refugees from Arab countries — who were ejected from their homes. Let the great Arab world resettle their refugees. He went on to tell him that Israel will not and cannot go back to the 1967 lines.

He educated Obama on the fact that Israel will not negotiate with terrorists — Hamas.

Netanyahu did what many world leaders wish they had the courage to do. He told an arrogant naive man the facts of life. And he said that the State of Israel will not endanger itself by following his misguided lead.

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