Syrian Authorities Target May 15. Muslim Brotherhood May Succeed.

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Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has had enough. On Monday his ruling authority gave the people 15 days to surrender if they have committed ‘unlawful acts.’

The Syrian rulers called on ‘citizens who have participated in or committed unlawful acts such as bearing arms, attacking security or spreading lies, to surrender.’ They are instructed to hand over their weapons and ‘supply information about saboteurs, terrorists and arms caches.’ In return they are promised no further ‘subsequent legal consequences.’

The edict came as the military announced it had arrested 499 people in the southern city of Daraa.
WilliamTarif, director of Insan human rights group said, ‘There have been 2,130 verified arrests since March 15, but the figure could be more than 5,000.’

Interesting the Syrians chose May 15, the same day Arab sources have called for the launch of the Third Initfada against Israel. May 15 is Nakba Day among Arabs, the day of ‘catastrophe’. The day the state of Israel was born.

According to the opposition Syrian Revolution 2011 website, security forces on Monday at dawn also entered the Kafar Nubbol area, 320 kilometres (200 miles) north of Damascus, and took over houses and arrested 26 people.

Hundreds of dissidents were arrested on Sunday, including in Daraa and the besieged Damascus suburb of Douma, after dozens of people were killed in weekend protests, activists said.

Human rights groups say the civilian death toll from unprecedented demonstrations that erupted on March 15 has topped 580.

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday denounced the “disgraceful” crackdown and urged more global pressure against Damascus, although Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu warned against foreign military intervention.

The United States has blocked assets of Assad’s brother Maher, who commands the feared Fourth Armoured Division, as well as top officials and Syria’s intelligence services.

The European Union is also preparing a raft of sanctions, including an arms embargo.
Tarif said snipers were visible in several Damascus suburbs, including Harasta, Daraya, and Douma from where protesters had tried to march into the center of the capital in the last two weeks, only to be met by bullets.

Right now, Israel may prefer Syrian President Al-Assad hangs on to power. The Moslem Brotherhood has been actively encouraging the masses to maintain their efforts to overthrow the regime, a clear mark of their ambitions.

In a Washington Post article Janine Zacharia said: ““Israel, long critical of Assad, may prefer he stay after all“.
Edmond Sanders in the Los Angeles Times wrote: “Israel fears the alternative if Syria’s Assad fall“.
According to a story by World Net Daily, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has no doubts at all.

“Assad’s presidency is better for Israel’s interests than any regime that would replace him,” he said.
Netanyahu feared ‘an Islamic entity tied to the Muslim Brotherhood would rise to power in the place of Assad.”

Of course that same scenario applies to Egypt and to Hamas who are now in a new cooperative relationship with Fatah.

It seems like the Moslem Brotherhood is in a strong position and its growing influence cannot be ignored.

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