The Missing Three Letter Word

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(Gary Cooperberg, is a commentator known as ‘A Voice from Hebron.’ He speaks bluntly and to the point. His commentary on the speech by President Obama is thought-provoking. He is a friend and his comments can be found at

President Barak Obama is clearly a talented showman. He spoke eloquently about American values, while dancing between the raindrops to avoid mentioning the most important one, recognition of the Creator of the Universe. This is not the first time that the President quoted the declaration of independence while skillfully avoiding mention of the Creator, which was part and parcel of that declaration by our forefathers.

Further, he augmented his stance by focusing upon the rights of all people all over the world to self determination and self rule. Again he spoke well. . . but made no mention of the Creator.

And, when speaking about the Israeli Arab conflict, like Clinton and Bush before him, he ignored the true reality of the problem. Bill Clinton blithely spoke of Arabs and Israelis “reconciling their differences”, refusing to accept the fact that those differences are clearly irreconcilable. Obama would like to see us overcoming our “mistrust” of Arabs who seek our destruction.

It is also noteworthy to point out his clear distortion of the goal of a two state solution. Not only is such a suggestion a non-starter, and one which will never be implemented, but all parties understand that any Arab state that might be formed will never permit residence for Jews, while the so called “Jewish” State will be required to accept Arabs. Even under the present agreements which see PLO enclaves in Gaza and Judea and Samaria, no Jews are permitted to live there. Yet we consider it racism to even think of forbidding Arabs to live in any part of our country.

I do not blame Obama for this ridiculous hypocrisy. I blame the Israel government for giving credence to a two state solution, and for granting citizenship to enemies who actively seek to destroy the Jewish State. The Truth is that, although there may be times when our leaders do give lip service recognition to our Creator, their actions indicate that the really do not believe in G-d. Our leadership worships the dollar and will cut its own throat to please what it thinks are the interests of the United States. This kind of behavior is an insult to our Creator and a denial of the great miracles He has performed in returning us to our homeland. For this we will be punished.

When Bush stated his belief in a two state solution the USA suffered terrible natural calamities. Obama just opened the door for more. .

There is a real way to bring true and lasting peace to the world. It is for all of Mankind to recognize that we all have but One Creator. He created the Jewish People to be an example for all of Mankind. When we failed to live up to our obligations He exiled us from our homeland and dispersed us all over the world. He promised us that the day will come when He will re-gather us from our exile and return us to our ancient homeland to fulfil our destiny. It is not our right to give away any part of that homeland to any other entity for any reason. Trying to do so is to deny our obligation as Jews. And, because it is a Divine process, no effort to change it will ever succeed, even if sanctioned by a Jewish government.

So I am not impressed by Mr. Obama’s efforts to make peace, nor am I impressed with Netanyahu’s acrobatics to please Obama. Both will fail. Israel doesn’t need American dollars nor American military aid. When the smoke clears all will see that the Jewish State has but One partner. The Living G-d of Israel controls the entire world and will use the Jewish State to prove this fact to everyone.

Project Shofar seeks to bring this message to those who choose not to see. It is incredible that the majority, both in the Exile and even in Israel, fail to see the obvious. They prefer to believe in the nonsense that we can make peace with those who seek our destruction rather than to accept the reality that with us is the greatest power in the world Who wants us to make real peace simply by accepting and demonstrating the fact that He and only He is in charge.

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