Arab youth destroy 14 Jewish graves in Mount of Olives cemetery

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From the World Jewish Congress –

More than a dozen graves at the historic Mount of Olives cemetery in Jerusalem have been vandalized. Last week’s attack on one of Judaism’s oldest burial places was the latest in a series of incidents. Fourteen graves were damaged by Arab youths wielding sledgehammers, according to private security guards stationed at the cemetery located in eastern Jerusalem. At least five of the damaged gravesites are those of Americans buried in the cemetery.

The recent damage is in addition to vandalism sustained last month on ‘Nakba Day’, which the declaration of independence by Israel is called by Arabs. During riots, Palestinians hurled large rocks and boulders toward the graves, chipping and breaking at least 15. Arab youths also vandalized or destroyed nearly 40 newly installed surveillance cameras in the cemetery, according to the International Committee for the Preservation of Har HaZeitim (the Hebrew name for the Mount of Olives). At the same time, local Arabs began illegally expanding a mosque to within 15 feet of the grave of former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, according to the committee.

In the last year, efforts of the committee have resulted in the restoration of 2,000 of an estimated 40,000 graves that were destroyed prior to 1967 under Jordanian rule, an increased private security presence as well as the installation of 50 surveillance cameras and fluorescent lighting.

There are an estimated 150,000 graves on the Mount, where Jews have been buried since biblical times. Notable individuals buried there include the prophets Zechariah, Malachi and Hagai.

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