The Middle East Screams: “Come Lord Jesus!”

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Psa. 17:8-11 “Keep me as the apple of the eye; Hide me in the shadow of Your wings. From the wicked who despoil me, my deadly enemies who surround me. They have closed their unfeeling heart, with their mouth they speak proudly. They have now surrounded us in our steps; They set their eyes to cast us down to the ground.

The ancient psalmist may have been reporting on the prayers of Israel even today. It is impossible to observe the current headlines and not be drawn to biblical prophecy.

Eye-catching Events.
1) Obama gives Netanyahu an Ultimatum
The U.S President Barak Obama has told Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to renew negotiations with the Palestinian Authority within 30 days. Furthermore Obama insisted that Israel agree to accept the Obama proposal and resume talks based on 1967 lines.

Israel National Radio declared that the Americans are very frustrated with Netanyahu and his behavior is impeding progress. Specifically Obama believes Netanyahu is endangering all hopes of disrupting the Palestinians from unilaterally seeking UN recognition for a Palestinian state next September.

The Obama plans call on Israel to negotiate over borders and security first and deferring issues such as Jerusalem and the refugees later. The US President also insists the borders should be as at 1967 lines, with ‘mutually agreed land swaps.’

According to the radio source the Americans are now speaking ‘very harshly’ of Netanyahu.

2) The Sharia Law Network Takes Shape.
Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon are in the process of change today.

a) Turkey
The AK Party in Turkey has won an unprecedented third term in office and still manages to be treated by the USA and others as a Middle East ally.

In recent comments about the situation Middle East analyst Barry Rubin said “The Turkey of secularism and Western orientation is finished. The Turkey that belongs to an alliance of radical Islamists abroad and of Islamism at home has been launched.”
In recent times Turkey has undergone transformation.
Rubin warns the new Erdogan government will gradually work for the following:

–A constitution that would take the country far down the road to a more Islamist state and society.

–A more presidential style of government empowering the mercurial (a nice word for personally unstable and frighteningly arrogant) Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to become the chief executive.

–The government can now infiltrate, take over, and transform the remaining hold out institutions, especially the armed forces and courts, along with the remainder of the media that has not yet been bought up or intimidated by the Islamists.

–A government whose policy is to align with Islamists like Iran, Syria (not Islamist but part of the Tehran-led alliance), Hamas, Hizballah, and perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood.

–A government against U.S. and Western interests.

–A government that, to put it bluntly, hates Israel and many of whose members hate Jews.

–For Israel, any dreams of restoring the alliance with Turkey, or even a friendly relationship or normal diplomatic relations are finished.

“This is the regime that sponsored the first Gaza flotilla and is now behind the second one. From an Israeli interests’ perspective, Turkey’s government is now on the other side, the side of its enemies,” Ruben observed.

b) Lebanon
Without blatant fanfare Hezbollah has gained unprecedented dominance in the Lebanese government.
The militant group, sponsored by Iran and Syria, dominate the new cabinet announced this week by Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

A prominent Middle East analysis said, “The move caps Hezbollah’s steady rise over decades from resistance group against Israel to Lebanon’s most powerful military and political force.”

The USA has provided Lebanon with $720 million in military aid since 2006. (Effectively now a donation to Hezbollah and the Iranian programme in the Middle East!)

c) Syria
President Obama and US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton just a few weeks ago announced that President Bashar Al-Assad was ‘a reformer.’

Now he is using tanks and helicopter gunships to blast his own citizens. More than 10,000 Syrians are sheltering on the border and 5,000 have already crossed over into makeshift camps in Turkey.
Syrian activist groups say the Assad crackdown has killed 1,300 civilians since February and the number rises every day.

Foreign correspondents have been banned from Syria while Bashar Al-Assad has refused to take phone calls from the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. The US Ambassador in Damascus has been denied meeting with the president or the foreign minister for weeks.

While I was compiling this review I received an email describing ‘The Prophecy of Daniel’ by Dr David Jeremiah.

This paragraph caught my eye: “As we read our papers today and see how God has set the timetable, we can see that He is getting everything in place to begin the final events.
“What is our response?
“We need to ask God to build within us a holy urgency for the cause of Jesus Christ, based on the fact that He is coming soon!”

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