Defiant Palestinian Leadership

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This report from One Jerusalem –

The Obama Administration and the Europeans who send millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority have reportedly been pressuring Abbas to drop his bid to get the United Nations to unilaterally recognize a Palestinian State. But the generally low key Abbas has been publicly rebuffing these pleas from his supporters. In fact, he has become somewhat militant in his push-back.

Reuters describes Abbas’ initiative this way:

Abbas, addressing a Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) meeting, reiterated his decision to seek full UN membership for a state of Palestine alongside Israel, a diplomatic move resulting from paralysis in the US backed peace process.

“In the coming period, we want mass action, organized and coordinated in every place,” Abbas said. “This is a chance to raise our voices in front of the world and say that we want our rights.”

Why is Abbas being so contrary to his patrons?

One explanation is that he is more committed to his Hamas relationship than we give him credit for. Since he formalized a relationship with Hamas there has been credence given to the theory that this is just a short term marriage of convenience – that when push comes to shove Abbas will side with the civilized world against Hamas. Well one result of his decision to push on with a UN campaign is that he keeps Hamas in his fold by putting the Palestinian Authority in the rejectionist camp.

Another explanation is that Abbas has drawn the conclusion that the Obama Administration is a toothless tiger, that it is more important to satisfy Hamas and the radical elements on the Palestinian side than to grant the wishes of the United States. He is also confident that the Obama Administration will not punish him for his actions.

Of course there is also the possibility that Abbas is taking this course with the quiet acquiescence of the Obama Administration.

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