Rabbi: This Year, We Need Special Prayers

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by Maayana Miskin – www.israelnationalnews.com
This year, it is particularly important to appeal for divine mercy as the High Holy Days approach, Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron said in an interview to Arutz Sheva.
“This year we must ask for more and more mercy, that G-d hear our voice… To our sorrow, there are those who plan to do evil to the people of Israel, to cause us suffering and Intifada.

“But ‘in this I trust’ – in the kindnesses of G-d, blessed is He, we are certain that ‘Hashem will not abandon his people,’” he declared. G-d is particularly receptive to prayers in the days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, he added.

The rabbi took the opportunity to extend his blessings. “I bless the entire people of Israel with a good year, redemption, salvation, and a good financial year,” he said. “With G-d’s help, we will merit, ‘Bless us, our Father, all of us as one’ – that we will remember the light of G-d’s countenance and that we will be inscribed for a good life and for peace.”

Rabbi Bakshi-Doron formerly served as the Chief Rabbi of Bat Yam, the Chief Rabbi of Haifa, and the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel. He has written multiple books on halacha (Jewish law).

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