New Evidence Unearths Mass Graves at Treblinka

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by Elad Benari –
A British forensic archaeologist has unearthed fresh evidence to prove the existence of mass graves at the Nazi death camp Treblinka, The Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.
Some 800,000 Jews were killed at the site, in north east Poland, during the Second World War, but a lack of physical evidence in the area has been exploited by Holocaust deniers who say the place was only a transit camp.

Findings by forensic archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls, however, are shedding a new light on the death camp.

According to the report, Sturdy Colls has undertaken the first coordinated scientific attempt to locate the graves at Treblinka. Since Jewish religious law forbids disturbing burial sites, she and her team from the University of Birmingham have used ground-penetrating radar.

“All the history books state that Treblinka was destroyed by the Nazis but the survey has demonstrated that simply isn’t the case,” Sturdy Colls was quoted by The Daily Mail as having told a British radio program which dealt with her findings. “I’ve identified a number of buried pits using geophysical techniques. These are considerable in size, and very deep, one in particular is 26 by 17 meters.”

She added, “I really hope this is the first stage in a long-term program to seek out those hidden graves of the Holocaust.”

The report added that Sturdy Colls has presented her findings to the authorities responsible for the memorial at Treblinka. Sturdy Colls’ findings are being followed on a BBC Radio 4 documentary entitled “The Hidden Graves Of The Holocaust.”

The program’s presenter, Jonathan Charles, wrote in an article on the Radio Times that the ground-penetrating radar used by Sturdy Colls and her team also discovered the foundations of buildings and that two are likely to have been gas chambers.

Charles added that the pits that were found contain the burnt remains of thousands of bodies.


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