Israel Schedules WMD Preparedness Drills

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From Global Security Newswire
Israel is planning separate exercises to test its preparedness for biological and radiological attacks, the Jerusalem Post reported on Monday. The yearly “Orange Flame” drill, due to be conducted this week, involves a simulated act of biological terrorism against the nation. In this exercise, doctors in the northern cities of Tiberias, Afula and Nazareth will have to identify the biowarfare materials that produced symptoms in patients brought into their hospitals.

An exercise scheduled for January would be the initial test of the nation’s defense and emergency response sectors in dealing with a mock “dirty bomb” strike in Israel, according to the newspaper. Participants in the drill set for Haifa are to include the Israeli Defense Forces’ Home Front Command, police personnel and other responders.

The Israeli Defense Ministry has established an office for readying emergency personnel and the broader populace for a terrorist strike involving a weapon of mass destruction.
There are fears that instability in nations such as Libya and Syria could give violent extremists access to biological or chemical weapons materials.

Syria, faced with continued unrest, is believed to hold a sizable chemical arsenal.
Chemical warfare materials in Libya, some previously undeclared, are said to be secure following the overthrow and death of former dictator Muammar Qadhafi.

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