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The Christian Godfather of the Israeli Army

Oct 28, 2017 No Comments by

“There is only one nominee ….even though he is not a Jew, he must be our colonel; and I hope that one day he will be our general: Patterson!”

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End Times. Wild Speculation and False Starts …. Until?

Oct 02, 2017 No Comments by

Biblically speaking it may be true, we may be living in the end times. The return of Jesus could be soon. It seems a healthy way to assess the focus. But there are some wild speculations.

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Beware False Doctrine

Sep 29, 2017 No Comments by

Forecasts about the end of the world have been proven wrong again! And there are numerous challenges facing Christians today.

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The Two Messiahs Question

Sep 05, 2017 No Comments

The Feast of Tabernacles (also called Sukkot) is a week of joyous celebration and fellowship. After the Feast the celebration of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah follows. In the book Celebrate! The Complete Jewish Holidays Handbook is this comment: “The distinct feature of the day (Shemini Atzeret) is recitation of the prayer for rain so that […]

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AI, The Rise of Machines!

Jun 29, 2016 No Comments

Stephen Hawking has warned Artificial Intelligence (AI) ‘could spell the end of the human race.’ Microsoft genius Bill Gates (pictured) said he could not understand why people are not concerned about AI. American Nobel Prize laureate Herbert Simon said: “It is not my aim to surprise or shock you—but the simplest way I can summarize […]

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Eddie McGuire, Living in a Gold Fish Bowl

Jun 24, 2016 No Comments

Recently during an ABC interview Australian of the Year and former Army chief David Morrison suggested Australians should stop using the word ‘guys’ in the workplace. He was concerned ‘guys’ was not inclusive of women. “Exclusive language, gender-based language or inappropriate language, has as much a deleterious or disadvantaged effect as something where you’re saying something […]

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A Flood of Refugees, The Mind of Christ.

Jun 24, 2016 No Comments

The German publication Der Spiegel runs regular stories describing the escalating refugee crisis in what they call Fortress Europe. In a recent report they said, “Desperate scenes played out here, reminiscent of those witnessed in Hungary back in September.” They described, a group of young men who used a steal beam as a battering ram. […]

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Queen Elizabeth, Our Servant Queen

Jun 18, 2016 No Comments

The former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey (1991-2002) was a strong advocate for Queen Elizabeth II. “Her faith, strong on conviction, but also generous and hospitable, is an example to us all in a time of radicalism and extremism. She reflects the best and most noble values of what it is to be British,” he […]

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Egyptian official calls Shoah an American invention

Jan 30, 2013 No Comments

30 January 2013 (For more like this visit worldjewishcongress.org) Fathi Shihab-Eddim, a senior figure in Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s circle, has called the Holocaust a hoax invented by US intelligence operatives, according to a ‘Fox News’ report. Shihab-Eddim reportedly claimed that instead of being murdered the six million Jews had simply been moved to America. […]

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EU: Extremism at its Highest Level Since World War II

Jan 30, 2013 No Comments

By Elad Benari (www.israelnationalnews.com) Violent extremism is at its highest level in Europe since World War II and is becoming the continent’s top security threat, the European Union’s executive body said Monday, according to AFP. In a speech on the eve of talks on how to detect and prevent extremism, the EU’s commissioner for home affairs […]

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